N0GRM – Home Shack
OXB Special Install
Split Rock 2013
Now Thats What I Call Mobile!
SARA Field Day 2011
May 14th Fox Hunt! What Fun!
Release to Listen Award 2013
Ice Station WØJH 2014
New Radio Gear For Some SARA Members!
Split Rock Lighthouse 2012

Contact SARA

By Postal Mail:

Stillwater Amateur Radio Association
1618 Pine St. West
Stillwater, MN 55082

For general queries by email:  info@radioham.org

To contact the officers by email:

President@radioham.org – Joe Heitzinger (KCØOIO)

Vice-President@radioham.org – Bob Jensen (WØGAF)

Secretary@radioham.org – Collin O’Connor (KEØIYN)

Treasurer@radioham.org – Rich Smith (ADØSN)

Trustee@radioham.org – Shel Mann (NØDRX)