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Radios in the Park Schedule for 2019

Radios in the Park returns for the summer for five more Thursday evenings.

Radios in the Park is held at Valley View Park in Oak Park Heights. The park entrance is on Osgood at Valley View Park Road. The park entrance is just past the houses as you head south on Osgood. Mapping programs and GPS units will take you to the address located in the residential area just west of the park. There is no vehicle access from that location, so you need to use the park entrance located on Osgood just south of the power transmission lines.

Additional dates of June 27, July 18, August 8 and August 29 are scheduled. The July 18 session will feature an hands-on session on using an Antenna Analyzer.

Radios in the Park is open to all area amateur radio operators to attend, bring your portable kit, throw up an antenna and get on the air. Or to come out and see what others are doing for portable operations. There is plenty of space in the park to spread out.